Dignity Kits

Most rural Malawian girls are caught in a

 spiral of poverty that takes them out of 

school and into early marriage. Many times

 a girl faces family pressure to leave school 

to help with the chores, such as collecting 

water and wood. Primary school is free, but

 there is a fee for attending secondary 

school, so many cannot afford the tuition.


 When a girl reaches puberty, she often 

misses one week out of the month during 

her cycle because she doesn't have basic 

feminine hygiene materials. So, rather than

 risk embarrassment she chooses to stay at

 home. A girl may be months or years 

behind boys her age in school. A boy is 

considered an asset to his family, and when

 he grows up and marries, his wife becomes

 a contributing asset of his family. A girl on

 the other hand is expected to marry and

 become a part of her husband's family.

 After she drops out of school she soon 

marries and begins bearing children, and 

the cycle repeats, holding the next 

generation in poverty. Our teams of trained

 women will present a Biblical view of each

 girl's worth and instill in them hope for 

their future. They will teach the value of 

living a morally pure life in order to avoid

 HIV and AIDS and to insure a better future

 for themselves. They will teach the girls the

 importance of staying in school and getting

 an education. Each pubescent girl will be

 given a Dignity Kit which includes two pair

 of panties and two washable sanitary pads .

 We are thankful to have teams of people

 here in the US who are preparing these 

Dignity Kits for distribution in schools in 

Malawi. These kits take the stigma away 

from girls during their cycle, thus enabling

 them to stay in school. Positive 

relationships are made as our teams meet

 the needs of these young girls, thus 

enabling them to share with them the Good

 News of the Gospel.


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