Over a Billion People Have No Clean Water

More than one billion people in the developing world

 have no safe drinking water, or water to wash their 

hands, their food, or their utensils.Malawian_4

2.4 billion people have  no 

adequate sanitation.

The lack of safe water and

sanitation leads to disease, poverty, lack of education, 

and death.

Unsafe water and lack of sanitation kills nearly TWO
MILLION PEOPLE  each year. 

Most of the people who die from water-borne diseases

 are children under the age of five, with one person dying

 every 15 seconds.Malawian_9

2 in 5 people in sub Saharan

 Africa lack safe water.

Diarrhea is the leading killer 

of children in sub Saharan 


A baby born in Malawi is 14 times more likely to die  in
infancy than a child born in the United States. (84 out 

of 1,000  babies born in Malawi die before the age of 5.)

 Many of these are due to  diarrhea from drinking unsafe 

water. SAM_0125-2_-_Copy_(2)


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