Water Wells

Women bear the responsibility of collecting water for their families, 

a task that typically takes hours of their day. Many villages in 

Malawi do not have wells, so women must either walk long 

distances to a stream, lake, or river or to a village that has a 

working well. 

There are over 7,500 broken wells  scattered throughout 

rural Malawi.  Our well restorations have resulting in  many people 

coming to Christ in evangelistic outreaches in the villages where 

well repair have taken place.


October 2011 George attended well school in Texas. This

 training equips him to not only do repair wells but to

 hand-drill wells where there is no electricity and without 

expensive well drilling equipment. He learned an ancient

 Chinese technology for well drilling that enables him to 

go into virtually any village and, with a simple rig and

 local manual labor, hand drill a well. 

Our well school students at the Bible Institute will learn 

both well repair and well drilling. We anticipate the 

result to be a wide open door for the Gospel as students 

use this technology to meet a critical need for clean water 

in the villages.

Sure Foundation Ministry  is being used by God to give 

hope and to relieve the suffering of people in villages in 

southern Malawi by making clean water sources available

 to them.  

Throughout the developing world, more people are dying 

from easily preventable water-borne diseases than are 

dying from AIDS.
Clean water  makes possible the 

education of young girls and the gainful employment and

industry of women who would otherwise spend hours a 

day searching for water -any water, even disease laden 


To give the gift of clean water is a wonderful thing,  and 

that saves lives, but we know that to offer the Living 

Water, the Lord Jesus Christ will have eternal impact. 

It is our love for Him and the wonderful, good news of the 

Gospel that motivates us. 

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