Women and Water in Africa

Every day it is the duty of women and girls in sub Saharan Africa to walk  f

or miles to creeks, lakes, or rivers, most starting their journeys 

before sunrise, in order to obtain water for their families.


They endure poverty and untold suffering as a result of the lack of safe water. 

Women labor hours a day getting water, time that could be spent on gainful 

employment, gardening, and caring for their children and families-- if they had 

safe water.  Along the journey to get water, they often face dangers from 

predatory animals.  

For a typical woman in Sub Saharan Africa, since she was a child and 

physically able to carry the container and walk the journey to a water source, 

her life has entailed many hours every day  carrying water.  

As a young girl, she would have missed educational opportunities that young 

boys have --all because of a lack of clean water. Education is valued, and 

girls want to be afforded the same educational opportunities that the

 boys have, but many  girls drop out because their household responsibility to 

get water for their families  requires many hours of their time each day. 

Typically, the girls who are determined to go to school 

are able to attend less than half a day of classes.  Then

 because there is no improved sanitation, many more 

girls drop out of school when they reach puberty.

Because their hours are spent obtaining water, young girls do not

have  educational opportunities or any sense of a hope for their futures. But 

having a well in their village changes that.

Can you imagine how having a hand-pumped well --a readily available source 

of fresh, clean water -- would improve the lives of women and girls in a 


Because it improves everyone's lives, when a well is dedicated in a village, it 

is a community wide celebration! 

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